Modern Office Design Trends – Green Office

Modern Office Design Trends – Green Office space at Shree Balaji Group

2020 was the year when sustainability at workplace received a superb impetus and as result reflective interpretations through design. Biophilia as the thought was unearthed and set the precedent for greener workplaces. Technology introduced wirelessly agile, dynamic, and flexible offices. The professional world was conversant in benefits that the great outdoors brought in as sustainability became the norm. Workspaces with greenery are set to experience the whole premium and modern changes as we reach halfway in the year 2021.

Calm in the middle of work chaos

 As urban cities welcome exponential growth in terms of infrastructural and design growth, concrete rises over lush green spaces. Organisations have begun to need a note of this truth of connectivity to nature among employees and its impact on their health and productivity. They’re trying to fulfil this gap through the creation of an oasis at work. Vertical living walls, enormous trees in foyers, desktop plants and creation of office parks make the office space ‘breathable workspaces’ forward. Presence of greenery could also be a highlighted productivity booster as confirmed by Exeter University. The study recorded that 15% increase in productivity of employees who add greenery at offices as against their counterparts who don’t.

Greening it up for the workers

 Work isn’t any more a boring task. The experience derived while working has become the main focus of design. Millennial and Gen-Z employees are choosing to check out workspace that not only allows them to grow but also offers a comfy environment. A report from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention states that 60% of lost workdays are due to stress. Modern Office designs are tackling work stress by bringing in holistic well-being through ergonomic and green furnishings that support employees’ wellbeing. Creating social spaces can enable employees to unplug and luxuriate within the community aspect of labour life. Extra attention is given to the creation of screen-free zones infused with colour psychology.

Smarter offices for the smart worker

 Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing and management are being steadily embraced into workplaces. As a result, modern office spaces are experiencing a shift dedicated towards the workers. Conference rooms are connected to a scheduling software, energy efficiency has become a reality nowadays; due to heat and light-weight sensors, curated applications are taking productivity up a notch, data optimisation is tailoring personal workstations and giving a lift to optimal use of space with minimal wastage. Offices are surely getting smarter!

 Here’s what researchers at Harvard got to say about futuristic workspaces:

 “Our goal is to reinforce the health of all people, altogether buildings, everywhere, every day. This we are merging building science with health science and advocating for what we call ‘buildingomics’—a new approach that examines the totality of things within the building-related environment that influence human health, well-being, and productivity,”

In conclusion, futuristic offices are bound to be employee-centric and would leverage technology for an energy-efficient experience. Most importantly, they could still remain greener on the within to reap massive returns in terms of revenue, innovations, and work output. Continual will form the core of office design to the exponential benefits of health, rapid digitisation, and physical integration, virtual. Modern workspace design with nature won’t remain a choice, rather will become a necessity.

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