Corporate Office Space Trends in 2021

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What does an ideal office space look like? While most of the people might imagine that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the present, there actually is one. It’s all about what the workers want the place to be. It’s an area where they spend most of their time & hence, it should be their place of comfort, where they will easily work for hours. The office space also plays a crucial role in creating a primary impression on the new employees. The organization should confirm that the place is welcoming for them too.

So how is that done? Well, there are a couple of aspects that require to be heeding and incorporating to form it a breeze for all people working.

Location & Commute

Office location plays a crucial role within the employee’s life; especially for those that shift to a replacement city for the work. Employees prefer living within the office vicinity to scale back their commute. With continuously increasing traffic, it takes 1-2 hours to succeed in the office now in most major cities. Ideally, office at prime location or located in the heart of the city will more easy to access for employees. It should even be in one among the great parts of the town to supply an honest environment to people and better connectivity to other parts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more crucial to specialise in transportation facilities for organizations. Consistent with a JLL Workplace Experience survey, almost one-third of individuals will rethink taking conveyance for office commute. Although people are adapting to things, it’s going to be an honest idea to supply transportation services to make sure employees’ safety.

Strong IT & Connectivity

Today most of the work has shifted online. Hence, a robust internet connection may be a must in any office. This has got to be amid a sound in IT system for data handling, storage, and backup. Slow internet or poor IT infrastructure brings down the whole space’s productivity. Not only may it bring the work to a halt, but it also deteriorates the morale to stay up the pace thanks to interruptions within the workflow.

Interiors & Layout

The team can give his best performance with the perfect office culture. Monotonous walls and desks are soon to be out of the window & creative ways of filling up the modern office space must be explored; something that reflects the organization’s main area is where fresh air circulation is there.

An office with terrace garden and open space that gives fresh air, and break refreshment to employees. The office layout should be designed to bring out maximum connectivity between people in order that they keep interacting with one another and share ideas. A Deloitte report states that a standard office dedicates 85% of its space to individuals and only 5% to the teams. that’s not the mantra of the present workplace. ‘Lesser cabins and more open spaces’ is that the current office design motto.

Post COVID-19, the necessity for the office layout has recently changed. Now there has got to be a minimum of 6 feet distance between people to avoid the spread of the virus. This has raised an important got to restructure office layouts, which the organizations are advised to follow meticulously. Offices are performing at a 30% or 50% capacity. Hot desks can become a thing, due to social distancing. The buried spaces are reducing, with more open breakout ways. The touchpoints like windows, switches, doors, etc., are reduced to a minimum, which may pave the way for automated systems.

Good parking

Most of the workers prefer to come by their own vehicles. This creates a requirement for a sufficient parking lot, and ensuring vehicle safety becomes the organization’s responsibility. Honestly; parking has become a pain point in bigger cities. Therefore the employees cannot just park outside the office premise, risking their vehicles for theft, damage, or illegal parking. Office with dedicated parking space should be provided for safe parking.

Open spaces & natural light

Gone are the times of working in cubicles, with heads stuck to the monitor. New regulations are established for office spaces, keeping in mind the health of the workers. As per the Workplace Ordinance, the airspace of 12 m³ is suggested for sedentary activities. Working in air-conditioned all day can affect your health. Hence, it’s important that the space has sufficient windows to permit natural sunlight and air to return.

Flexible system

With time, the stress of workplaces has changed. The workers now need a more flexible working system which offers them the liberty to figure at flexible hours and from different locations. Flexible office space and conference room are more likely to preferable for employees.  Recently people have adapted to performing from home, which too efficiently. Working faraway from the office, they will attend to their personal chores, while focussing on their official tasks. It’s helped them maintain their work-life balance, increasing both their morale and productivity. A win-win situation for both employees and therefore the organization! Actually, consistent with a Deloitte report, 67% of the workers tend to be more loyal if they get a versatile work option. This data supports the necessity of bringing in additional flexibility to develop employee loyalty.

Safety & hygiene

The pandemic has added another item to the check list – safety and hygiene, which is perhaps the highest priority now days. To make sure people’s health safety, the place must be regularly sanitized to avoid the budding from contamination & the entry of outsiders to be kept in restraint. After pandemic, it’s recommended to reduce physical interactions and follow the safety guidelines announced by WHO.

Today, modern office space is meant keeping multiple factors in mind. Unlike traditional spaces that have a typical structure regardless of the people’s needs and therefore the company’s cultural needs, a billboard office space should resonate with these factors while inculcating a sustainable space to figure for all.

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