Enchanted with rich cultural heritage, Ahmadabad is giving a strong competition to the early developed metro cities. From super-malls to skyscrapers, from subways to flyovers, from mouth watering street foods to posh seven stars, you name it and you have it here. Developed, yes, and at the same time having a huge scope for a lot more further development too.

With the ever growing and never ending demand for having one’s own home, the business of real estate is something that will never witness sluggishness. Since a section of the society is having both the dream of owning maybe a plush apartment or secluded bungalow and having the right amount of money to spend for it too, luxurious apartments in Ahmedabad are no more a virtual story but are a tangible reality. But to invest right is the thrust here.

Small Or Big, There Is Something For Every Dream Of Yours:

If your dream is to dwell in spacious and tranquil residential apartments in Ahmedabad, sipping a cup of coffee in your exotic settee, away from the hustle bustle of the city, relaxing and enjoying life as it comes – your perfect getaway should be the luxurious bungalows in Ahmedabad, situated at the plush Bodakdev/Amli. On the contrary, if you are one of those hard working office goers and late nighters, living life as it comes and cannot be separated from the heart of the city, but have a dream to own your own apartment, well, your perfect escapade should be somewhere at SG highway and surroundings. Ahmadabad has almost everything to offer, suiting your needs wants and desires. From luxurious apartments and elegant bungalows to compact new residential projects in Ahmedabad and one-room houses, you have it right here at prices and variants that will suit both your pocket and your desire at the same time.

Ahmedabad and Real Estate – For Commercial Use:

Corporate companies, both Indian and multinationals, are in a constant need to own / lease / rent premises for meeting their varied commercial purposes including but not limited to office premises, warehousing purposes, service center and the likes. Being located at the very heart of western India, Ahmadabad is blooming with opportunities to become the corporate hub of various new and developing corporate houses intending to co-ordinate their affairs from the city. Even well developed business centers are having a growing interest in demarcating a branch office here in the city. In all such situations, you can find New commercial projects in Ahmedabad providing affordable and choice-able premises for sale at a rate of approx. Rs. 8,800 per sq ft.

Your Property, Your Choice – So Make It Count:

Be it your business premise, your dream home or a home that you make to let it out to people, choosing the best is what you always deserve. And the big question is – how to choose the best for yourself? Keeping the price margin in mind, if you intend to invest in a premise for your business or your home it should essentially be in a locality that most suits the purpose for which you want to use it.