As the crown jewel of every apartment, penthouse serves as the perfect getaway of the crème de la crème layer of our society who wish to encompass their livelihood in an unparalleled luxury. Located usually on the topmost floor of a building, the penthouse is highly sought after given its repute as an out and out status symbol. Today we shall discuss in detail about this latest trend of contemporary living amongst the residents of India which is paving the way for development of numerous penthouse in Vadodara.


A penthouse guarantees a delightful living environment having ample of air circulation and natural light apart from offering breath-taking view of the city’s skyline. Compared to your condo apartment, a penthouse offers undeniable privacy with its quieter and relaxing feel which you won’t get while dwelling in street level houses. Penthouse for sale in Vadodara guarantee you an experience similar to going on a vacation far away from the hustle and bustle of city life with roof top gardens, outdoor dining, picturesque terrace and tempting Jacuzzi.

Mesmeric Views

Won’t it be absolutely lovely to sip on your evening coffee while marvelling at the illuminated skyline of the city radiating a captivating aura with its magnificence? You can boast of having some of the best views in the neighbourhood if your penthouse is located in an apartment which is taller than its next-door neighbours. Although all such features come with a hefty price tag, the initial investment is definitely worth the pleasure it shall impart throughout your life. And just when you were thinking of throwing a private party, you could easily utilise the building’s roof deck as the dance floor.

Exclusive Privileges

The roomy and well-planned penthouses come with lavish flooring, high ceilings, private entrances, glass walls, top quality fittings & fixtures coupled with unbridled access to Jacuzzi, gymnasium, barbeque area, private elevator and swimming pool to help you make the most of king size living. 

Spacious Terrace Space

You can enjoy outdoor living in the large-sized terraces offering ample room to organise vibrant parties or unwind under the canopy of stars after a tiring day at office. While some penthouses run over more than one floor, others might even take up the entire floor area of two to three apartments on lower floors. Compared to a balcony, the sprawling outdoor space is much larger so that you can stay at the heart of the city without having to compromise on your desire of owning a majestic garden.

Supreme luxury sets this topmost floor of an apartment apart from the rest of the building. The increasing demand for luxury amongst urban population has paved the way for growing requirement of penthouse. Luxury property projects featuring penthouses in high-rise buildings do not occupy the entire roof deck and are set back from the outer walls. Usually a separate elevator provides access to this plush pad whose residents can avail a number of special services such as private butler, laundry and much more. The luxury market of new residential projects in Vadodara has clustered around Atladra, Op Road and Karelibaug-Sama Road coupled with stellar developments in infrastructure and transportation.