‘Smart city’ holds different meanings to different people depending on their willingness to reform and change, level of development, aspiration and resources owned by them. Smart city in India paints a dynamic picture where the city dweller’s wish list pertaining to necessary services and infrastructure are fulfilled according to their level of aspirations. Urban planners are trying to come up with the development of an entire urban eco-system represented by four pillars of physical, economic, social and development-institutional infrastructure. New residential projects in Vadodara are adding layers of smartness incrementally in the form of comprehensive infrastructure.

Governments are taking up bold initiatives in the form of commercial property in Vadodara to set examples which can be replicated within as well as outside the Smart City and catalysing the creation of more in days to come. The most popular features of a smart city are described below:

  • It creates walkable localities by reducing air pollution, congestion and resource depletion while boosting up local economy which in turn ensures security and interactions. Luxury apartments in Vadodara are experiencing rapid boom coupled with a road network which has been refurbished for public transport, private vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians alike coupled with necessary administrative services offered within cycling or walking distance.
  • Mixed land usage is promoted while proceeding with area-based developments especially while planning for unplanned regions having a range of land uses and compatible activities close to one another which can increase the efficiency of land.
  • Office Space in Vadodara are getting more accessible as housing opportunities are being expanded to all.
  • Open spaces such as playgrounds, parks and recreational spaces are preserved and developed for enhancing the quality of citizen’s life as well as reducing the urban heat effects to promote eco-balance.
  • Variety of transport options in the form of para-transport connectivity, public transport and transit-oriented development are given paramount importance as they hold the potential of accelerating property prices in days to come.
  • Cost effective and citizen friendly governance can bring about transparency and accountability especially when it comes to the usage of mobiles for reducing cost of providing services without seeking the help of municipal offices. Penthouse in Vadodara feature the formation of e-groups which shall cater to the worries of people and obtain feedback which in turn can be used for online monitoring of activities and programs coupled with cyber tour of worksites.
  • Cities are given a new identity based on their main economic activity like health, local cuisine, arts and craft, education, furniture, sports goods, culture, textile, hosiery, dairy etc.