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A decision to be made between Commercial and Residential property!


There are a lot of differences between commercial property and residential property. There are a lot of things in common as they are tangible assets but they differ widely in terms of risk, capital, income, and returns.

Making a decision on where to invest is a difficult task. We know real estate is an evergreen place to invest. But even in real estate, there is a big question when it comes to choosing between residential property and commercial property! It’s although more difficult for a person to decide if he/she is new to investing in the real estate sector.

Let’s see the difference between residential property and commercial property!


1)            What is a residential property?

Residential property is generally known as a house, apartment or villa. In laymen’s language residential property is where people stay. It is a place where an individual or family can live and enjoy their time or can rent it out and enjoy the rental income.


2)            What is a commercial property?

Commercial property is basically a property used for non-residential use like offices, public facilities, shops, industries, showrooms, etc. Commercial property is basically for people who produce goods or services to generate income. So, it can be also said to be a productive product.


Types of commercial properties:

  • Business center
  • Shopping Mall
  • Hotels & Restaurant
  • Banks
  • Medical center
  • Retail stores, etc.

Some advantages if you invest in residential or commercial property for the long term. The fact is both generate steady incomes (if residential properties are rented); commercial properties provide better financial incentives. Some of the advantages of commercial & residential property investments are:


Advantages of commercial property:

  • High Return on investment
  • Less furnishing expense
  • Good Rental income
  • Easy Management
  • Good appreciation
  • Longer Lease period


Advantages of residential property:

  • Easy leasing or renting process
  • Less investment as compared to the commercial property
  • Affordable and easy loans


There are advantages in both the properties but commercial property is something that’s not going to depreciate because many big companies prefer to rent out a place rather than buying a property for business because buying it needs more investment as compared to renting! But, it is a plus point for the commercial property investors as they already have a lot of people to take their property on rent.

But, even though investing in residential property is good if we consider mid-to-long-term types of investments in mind, patience is the key. The housing market tends to with interest rates and being a landlord isn’t for everyone, but real estate is, for the most part, a solid investment and ownership can be a way to increase wealth and cash flow for a clever investor.



I will agree with the fact that commercial real estate is lucrative. If you make every move with diligent care, then you are going to be successful for sure. Property location is the key factor to everything. It is the major factor in influencing each and every activity of your business.

To make a decision whether to invest in a residential or commercial asset, you also need to have a thorough understanding of the taxation and other laws pertaining to the sector or you can even consult a frequent investor or a legal expert.


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