Is Your Neighbourhood Safe?


In today’s world for people safety matters the most than anything else. Neighbourhood plays a very important role in home safety. People prefer to stay and live in a community, where people are walking on the road, children playing in the garden, there are grocery stores nearby, etc.

You are likely to enjoy more spending time with people who live nearby if you are at home most of the time. But what if your neighbours are not good or not safe, that’s the main reason your neighborhood should be safe and happening.

So, how would you know if your neighbourhood is safe or unsafe?

Here, are some points to remember before choosing your neighbourhood!

Things to be taken care of in your neighbourhood before choosing


·        High Crime Rates Stats

When you are looking for a new neighbourhood, you should always look at the crime stats for that area. As nowadays the crime rate is increasing day by day. Although crimes are often happening more in big cities, but that does not mean that your area is safe. It’s always better to be more careful than to be a victim. Check out the online sites or talk to the people who are familiar with the area you are about to shift before choosing a neighbourhood.


·        Kids playing outside

The voice and sight of kids playing outside your house are so satisfying. Out of all the tensions going on in your life, seeing happy faces of the children playing is something so relieving. It is also a sign of a good neighbourhood.


·        Lights on your streets

Burglars tend to select the areas where there are fewer lights and fewer residential houses. It mostly happens in the outskirts of the city where there are very less street lights, maybe no street lights, and also fewer residential houses.

Sometimes, even if the streets are properly lit and there are many houses around, burglars also prefer homes where there is more than one entry, so make sure you lit up entries and pathways properly.


·        Make friends with neighbours

Getting familiar with the neighbours can be a win-win situation. They would be the ones who will help in emergencies. Plan get-togethers to make your bond more stronger. Go for walks or let your children play together. Invite them on your special occasions to get more close.


·        Exercise caution when out of town

When people go out of town, it is the best chance for the thieves to rob the house. Considering this, if your relations are good with your neighbours, you can rely on them. You can tell your neighbours to keep an eye on each other’s homes when one of you is out of town.


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